Reasons to Travel Whilst you are Young…

When I finished university, I didn’t know whether to go traveling or to start applying for full-time work.  It didn’t take me long to decide that I would prefer to go traveling around Australia because I thought that I’d spend most of my life working and I know that once I had a job, it would probably be quite difficult to take a long time off to do so.  I know that not everyone is fortunate enough to have this option, so I am very lucky in that aspect, but here are some of the reasons why I think you should travel if you can:

1. You don’t have any responsibilities. When you are younger, you don’t have the responsibilities that come with your later years.  You may not have family and children or a house to keep.  You can afford to be selfish.

2.  It makes you realise that there is a whole world out there.  We all know that there are different cultures and types of people in the world, but you only really realise this when you leave your familiar surroundings and find yourself in a strange country, away from what you consider to be your comfort zone.


3. It makes you appreciate what you have back home. Living in hostels for months on end makes you appreciate home comforts when you do come home and you really appreciate your own comfy bed and your own privacy!

4. You also realise how much you appreciate family and friends. You take it for granted being able to see people every day, but when you are the other side of the world, it just isn’t possible.

5. You get to try things you wouldn’t normally dream of. I skydived, went scuba diving and did a whole load of things I never normally have been able to experience.

G'day kangaroo!
G’day kangaroo!

6. You meet new friends from around the world. Whilst staying in hostels, you get to meet people from different countries.  Everyone is in the same boat and looking to make friends, so you get to talk to different people all of the time.

7. You make memories that you will keep forever. You will look back in years to come and still remember the amazing experiences that you have.

8. And most importantly.. Because it is so FUN! Travelling is so exciting and fun, it takes a lot to top the experience!

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge


Did you decide to travel before getting a full-time job? Leave a comment below!


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